Diameter Policy and Charging support 2.2 released

We are pleased to announce the release of Radiator Policy and Charging Support 2.2. This release includes fixes and other enhancements for online charging server (OCS) and online charging client module for Diameter Gy – RADIUS integration.

Open System Consultants is now Radiator Software

Radiator AAA server software was originally developed by Mike McCauley and the Australian company Open System Consultants Pty Ltd. Open System Consultants Pty Ltd and the Finnish Internet engineering company Arch Red Oy joined forces in 2013. They formed a...

Radiator SIM support 2.3 and Radiator Carrier Module 1.4 released

We are pleased to announce release 2.3 of Radiator SIM support. This SIM support release includes major interoperability enhancements to SIGTRAN interoperability and other minor fixes. Radiator Carrier Module release includes minor fixes for the recent major...

Radiator Carrier Module 1.3 released – Includes new features

Radiator Software is pleased to announce release 1.3 of Radiator Carrier Module. This release includes new modules for serving DHCP requests and handling Diameter requests internally for different Diameter applications. See here for a full product history.

Radiator GBA/BSF 1.4.1 released.

This release adds support for TLS-PSK authentication for AP, GBA_Digest authentication for BSF and includes a number of other enhancements for functionality and documentation. See the product history for the details.

Radiator SIM support 2.2 released

We are pleased to announce release 2.2 of Radiator SIM support. This release adds interoperability enhancements to SIGTRAN support and EIR support, enhaced functionality and bug fixes to 3GPP AAA Server.