We are pleased to announce the release of Radiator Policy and Charging Support 2.3. This release includes new featuers, enhancements and bug fixes mainly for Diameter – RADIUS integration.

Revision notes:

  • Radius/PCEFmsg.pm was missing from MANIFEST.
  • Fix crashes in PCEFCreditControlClient module.
  • Fix a crash when OCS sends a Credit-Control-Answer that has a command level success Result-Code but signals quota allocation failure with a Multiple-Services-Credit-Control level Result-Code. This also triggers an immediate TERMINATION_REQUEST.
  • Add Subscription-Id-Type END_USER_PRIVATE for OCS and PCRF. Update PCRF and OCS configuration samples in goodies directory.
  • Update configuration sample files in goodies to work directly with RPM and deb based installations.
  • SQL schema updates to work with latest MySQL and use standard based syntax for comments.
  • Minor fixes and enhancements based on perlcritic reports.