Radiator GBA/BSF Pack – VoLTE Services

General Bootstrapping Architecture authentication for Radiator

Radiator GBA/BSF Pack

Radiator GBA/BSF Support Module for Radiator AAA Server Software is available through GBA/BSF Pack that includes:

  • GBA/BSF support for VoLTE Supplementary Services
  • Authentication proxy (NAF/AP) supporting Ut (XCAP) interface
  • TLS-PSK authentication for AP
  • GBA_Digest authentication for BSF
  • HTTP Ua and Ub interfaces
  • Diameter Zh and Zn interfaces
  • A number of compatibility options required by multivendor networks
  • Flexible parameters to modify, update and process requests, usernames and identities
  • Radiator Service Provider Pack
  • 1st year unlimited email support
  • 1st year access to new releases and patches of all software

With General Bootstrapping Architecture (GBA), it is possible to provide seamless authentication for VoLTE Supplementary Services. This enables the end user to manage services, such as call forwarding, knocking, and video call forwarding without switching networks or extra usernames and passwords. GBA enables also extending SIM authentication to any operator WWW services. In addition, SIM authentication itself has authentication federation support, which can be used to produce services across virtual and other operators.

Radiator GBA/BSF Support Module works as an authentication proxy between the end-user UE and HSS. It authenticates user requests, and also separates the authentication procedure and the Application Specific server (AS) specific application logic to different logical entities – for example call forwarding (Ut interface / XCAP) and other RCS (rich communication suite) services done as a part of VoLTE Supplementary Services.


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