Product Signing Keys

We use the following keys to sign our software packages.

This key (B09DF6BB) is used to sign Radiator software packages released in December 2018 or later:

pub rsa4096/B09DF6BB 2018-10-12
    Key fingerprint = 71FD BD74 5DA6 CA9F 7654  B3D0 7E3F E75E B09D F6BB
uid Radiator Software Oy (software package signing key) <>

We have also backup key (0A7DDE3D) in case we lose the ability to sign with our primary key (B09DF6BB). In that case we will switch to use this backup key:

pub rsa4096/0A7DDE3D 2018-10-12
    Key fingerprint = 8C91 7AB2 7699 54E1 3C4E 6001 D064 BCB0 0A7D DE3D
uid Radiator Software Oy (backup software package signing key) <>


You can download both public keys from the following locations: