Radiator is the AAA server for serious ISPs and carriers who want power and flexibility to meet the needs of their changing technical environment and growing user base. Our customers say that Radiator is the Swiss Army knife of RADIUS servers.

Designed for flexibility

Designed for flexibility, Radiator is highly configurable and flexible with many features:

  • Runs on Linux, Windows, and other platforms
  • Runs on hardware and virtual servers, and on Docker and Linux (LXC/LXD) containers
  • Supports over 60 different authentication methods
  • Interoperates with a huge range of devices, databases, billing packages, tokens
  • Includes RadSec – secure, reliable RADIUS proxying
  • Includes Diameter through Radiator Service Provider Pack – required by mobile operators
  • Includes TACACS+ for infrastructure management
  • Full source supplied

Presentation and features

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Overview of Radiator design and features.

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See supported RFCs and other specifications, platforms, EAP support, authentication methods, system requirements, and other details.

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See installation instructions, FAQ, reference manual, whitepapers, and revision history.

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Data Sheet

Summary of features and supported platforms for Radiator AAA Server Software.

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