Radiator VNF Flex

NFV solution for managing and scaling Radiator AAA

Radiator VNF Flex

Radiator VNF Flex is our new approach to NFV solutions, introducing Radiator VNF Manager that makes it possible to deploy and manage multiple Radiator VNFs with different configurations within one virtualisation infrastructure.

Radiator VNF Flex complements Radiator AAA product family by adding a dedicated management and orchestration solution for Radiator – Radiator VNF Manager. Radiator VNF Manager and Radiator VNF form a complete solution for virtualizing and unifying your RADIUS and
Diameter AAA infrastructure.

Why Radiator VNF Flex?


Radiator VNF Flex simplifies network management: automated AAA instance and configuration management reduces operational workload and limits human errors. Setting up, monitoring and taking down Radiator instances happens with just a few clicks. Radiator VNF Manager speeds time to market: Radiator can be quickly deployed into production without time-consuming integration with general or third-party VNF managers.


Radiator delivers carrier-grade AAA with proven performance and Radiator VNF Manager makes it easy to scale up and scale out Radiator VNF instances, providing agility to respond to changing customer needs and better use of network resources. Radiator VNFs also include load balancing for both RADIUS and Diameter for distributing authentication and accounting traffic.


Full feature set of Radiator product portfolio is available as Radiator VNF Flex deployment: a single Radiator VNF Manager can be used to manage and maintain multiple different Radiator VNF deployments for fixed line, mobile, VoWiFi and other AAA use cases. Alternatively Radiator VNF Manager can also manage Radiator instances on physical hosts via Ansible Inventory if traditional deployment is required. This makes Radiator ideal for replacing inflexible legacy AAA.


Lighter than legacy NFV solutions, Radiator VNF Flex is designed for agility: Radiator VNF Manager component is delivered as a separate virtual image and installed on your OpenStack or other virtualisation infrastructure. Radiator VNF Manager handles management and orchestration of all Radiator VNFs instances, making Virtualization Infrastructure or Management and Orchestration (MANO) upgrades easier by reducing testing and migration work.


Radiator supports multi-vendor environments and is committed to stay vendor neutral. Avoid vendor lock-in with network devices, databases, and OSS/BSS systems now and in the future by choosing Radiator and save on the upfront and long-term network costs.


• New Ansible-based AAA solution from Radiator
• All Radiator AAA configurations and functionalities available: single AAA platform for broadband, WiFi, mobile, M2M and IoT
• High Availability and carrier-grade performance
• Easier deployment to production compared to traditional VNF products
• First available on OpenStack, other support based on customer requests
• Supports Linux distributions based on customer needs
• Radiator VNF Manager is provided as a separate virtual image


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