Telephone support

Radiator Telephone Support provides both phone and email support for customers that need a cost-effective way of ensuring their business-critical services are in continuous use. The service consists of phone support during business days, with additional unlimited email support.

Telephone support service policy

The telephone support service contact numbers are reserved for current telephone support service agreement holders.
Radiator support will answer questions and provide advice and suggestions for the software for which the support service is provided. The support service does not include customisation, consultation, installation, custom design, programming, training, or on-demand bug fixes or other error correction services (as defined in the General Terms and Conditions). Those services are deemed as consultation services, they are separately priced and can be ordered separately. Questions concerning other Radiator products that are not covered by this support contract cannot be answered.

The service goal is four (4) hours calculated during the service hours, started from the moment during the service hours that the customer contacted the support service Help Desk regarding the incident, and provided Radiator support with necessary information regarding the incident. Radiator support may ask from the customer additional information on the incident. While Radiator support is waiting for information from the customer, the service goal shall not run. “Service goal” means the targeted, non-binding time for Radiator support to start to work regarding an incident.

What information to include

In order to get an answer to a question, customers should be able to give as much information as possible, including at least:

  • Description of the host and environment, including operating system and versions of all relevant software
  • Complete description of the incident
  • Configuration files (no secrets or passwords)
  • Message or error logs, at the highest logging level customer can get, illustrating the incident

Without all this information, it is unlikely Radiator support will be able to provide an answer to the incident, instead Radiator support will ask the customer for more information. It is better to post too much information than not enough. Bug reports will receive prompt attention by the appropriate product maintenance team. Bugs can be fixed more quickly if customer provides sufficient description and supporting material. If practicable, a patch will be issued.

 Customer’s Radiator support UserID

When contacting the Support Service, the customer must be able to tell Radiator support UserID in the call or email.