Radiator Auth.Fi: Wi-Fi authentication Service

Radiator Auth.Fi is a RADIUS based Wi-Fi authentication cloud service for authenticating enterprise network users, including staff, contractors, and guests. It provides user authentication as a service, whether you use Wi-Fi, wired network, or VPN. It is also quickly and easily deployed; you do not need new hardware: only a few changes to the settings of your current network devices.

Radiator Auth.Fi: Wi-Fi authentication Service

  • RADIUS as a Service, powered by Radiator AAA Server Software.
  • Provides user authentication through standardised RADIUS protocol, which makes it possible to use WPA2/WPA3 Enterprise Wi-Fi authentication.
  • Quick and secure enterprise-level authentication, both for regular users and guests. 
  • Easy way to upgrade enterprise-level security for your company Wi-Fi network, no new hardware needed.
  • Global cloud service, covering multiple locations
  • GDPR compliant service.
  • Easy to connect to eduroam and govroam roaming federations.
  • Flexible, pay-as-you-go subscription model allows you to scale your business as needed.
  • Optional captive portal guest authentication service for guest networks, with email or SMS verification.
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Radiator Auth.Fi is a cloud-based authentication service, powered by Radiator AAA Server.

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roam.fi configurations

Radiator Auth.Fi Wi-Fi configurations for Finnish roam.fi network. 

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