Renowned for its quality products and rapid customer service, Radiator Software services thousands of businesses in over 180 countries thanks to its highly configurable, flexible, and portable suite of products. Radiator Software has many carrier class, enterprise, corporate, academic, and public and private business customers.

Radiator is the only choice in the industry when you need complex and flexible customization without impact on high speed performance. The fact that OSC provides source code, allows us to modify core components to suit our application and really do anything we want it to do, or integration with anything we want it to integrate with.

A Tier 1 Mobile Operator in Taiwan uses Radiator for all of their mobile authentication (EAPSIM, UAM and SMS-OTP) for over 50,000 hotspots in Taiwan. A single server Radiator performs at almost 1200 transactions per second (TPS) during busy hours and has never failed in providing stable and rock solid performance.

Peter Cheng

President, Acom Networks

Thanks for this reliable, mission critical product. I have been spreading the word about Radiator to other universities every chance I get.

Brian Jemes

Network Manager, University of Idaho

I always take the Radiator as an example of how ideal telecom software should look like. It is stable, featuring mature and proven code packed with functionality, while being customizable and highly flexible at the same time, so that it can be tailored to our specific needs.

But I find the biggest Radiator advantage and the feature that sets it in front of similar products on the market – it being open. This alone allows us to turn our ideas into operational logic in a matter of hours, making us highly flexible and able to provide rapid response to ever changing business requirements.

Tomislav Razov

A1, Croatia

Radiator Software has thousands of carrier class, enterprise, corporate, academic, public, and private business customers all around the world.

Large Telcos, ISPs and ASPs, such as AAPT Australia, A1 Bulgaria, NBN Co Australia, Telstra Australia, Proximus Belgium, Salt Mobile Switzerland, Bouygues Telecom France, Free France, Colt Telecom Germany, T-systems Germany, Singtel Singapore, Globe Telecom the Philippines, Orange Telecom Romania, Telecom Portugal, Telecom Italia Italy, Telsur Chile, PrimeTel Cyprus, Single Digits US, Telecom Argentina, and many others.

Government agencies and public organisations, such as US Department of Energy, SNCF France, Austrade Australia, Dept of Defense Australia, CEZ Power Company Czech Republic, Services Industriels de Geneve Switzerland, WaterNSW Australia,  and others.

Private corporations, such as Jean Coutu Group Canada, Deutsche Bank, Cable Color Honduras, Virgin Blue Australia, Mazda, Fujitsu, Nokia, Huawei, Garanti Bankasi Turkey, DAB Bank Germany, and many more.

Academic and research institutions and Education Networks, such as JISC UK, CSC Finland, SUNET Sweden, FCCN Portugal, Surfnet The Netherlands, CESNET Czech Republic, and others.

Universities, schools, public facilities and libraries, such as Penn State University USA, Harvard University IT USA, Oakland University USA, Pomona School District, The Open University UK, Tampere University Finland, University of Helsinki Finland, Haifa University Israel, The British Library UK, Darebin Library Australia, VICnet State Library of Victoria Australia, University of Brno Czech Republic, University of Alberta Canada, and many, many more.