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Radiator AAA -  Swiss Army Knife of AAA software

Radiator AAA Server Software

The Swiss Army knife of RADIUS servers

Radiator is the AAA server for serious ISPs and carriers who want power and flexibility to meet the needs of their changing technical environment and growing user base.



Radiator Service Provider Pack provides the base for carrier-class AAA software for both RADIUS and Diameter interfaces. More Info


Radiator SIM Pack is the key component for seamless data and voice roaming authentication between mobile and Wi-Fi networks that use SIM credentials. More Info


Radiator Telco Pack provides Diameter support for policy control and other telecom functionalities and allows you to integrate your business logic into your desired solution. More Info


Radiator GBA/BSF Pack provides seamless authentication for your VoLTE Supplementary Services. More Info

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Radiator FAQ out now!

We have been collecting some of our more frequently asked questions onto their own page, faq.radiatorsoftware.com. At the FAQ page you'll find detailed answers to most common Radiator AAA related questions, as well as other general questions our sales and technical...

Upcoming webinar: Radiator VNF Flex – 14th June and 16th June

Upcoming webinar: Radiator VNF Flex. The third webinar in the series focuses on Radiator VNF Flex - Radiator's new and improved solution to NFV AAA. There will be two parallel sessions of Radiator VNF Flex webinar to best serve our international audience. First one on...

Radiator Carrier Pack becomes Radiator Service Provider Pack

Starting in May, we’re rebranding Radiator Carrier Pack as Radiator Service Provider Pack. The purpose of the name change is to better communicate what the product is about and the intended target group. Radiator Service Provider Pack includes Radiator AAA Server...

Latest Software Updates

Radiator GBA/BSF: Version 1.9

New enhancements and bug fixes related to barring rules with video media element – April 2022 All changes »

Radiator SIM Pack: Version 2.7

Companion release to Radiator 4.26 and Carrier module 1.7, including enhancements to SIGTRAN and other fixes – November 2021 All changes »

Radiator Carrier Pack: Version 1.7

Companion release to Radiator 4.26 and SIM support 2.7, including Diameter enhancements and other minor fixes – November 2021 All changes »

Radiator AAA Server Software: Version 4.26

New features, enhancements and bug fixes. – October 2021 All changes »

Radiator Telco Pack: Version 2.2

Online charging fixes and other enhancements – March 2018 All changes »

Any questions about Radiator AAA Server Software? Check out our new Radiator FAQ page to see the answer: https://faq.radiatorsoftware.com

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What is Radiator VNF Flex and how we have made it easier to deploy and manage a scalable AAA solution? Check out the sneak peak in our blog now:
#RadiatorAAA #Ansible

14th and 16th of June: Radiator VNF Flex webinar

Come join us live for our third live webinar. This webinar's topic Radiator's take on Network Functions Virtualisation in AAA; Radiator VNF Flex.

Sign up at: https://forms.gle/owRDuB7h1rmof8Kv6

Next Radiator live webinar is coming up in two weeks, introducing our new VNF solution: Radiator VNF Flex. We're hosting two sessions: Tue 14 June 8AM UTC and Thu 16 June 4PM UTC. Save your seat now at https://forms.gle/owRDuB7h1rmof8Kv6

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Radiator is the only choice in the industry when you need complex and flexible customization without impact on high speed performance. The fact that OSC provides source code, allows us to modify core components to suit our application and really do anything we want it to do, or integration with anything we want it to integrate with.

A Tier 1 Mobile Operator in Taiwan uses Radiator for all of their mobile authentication (EAPSIM, UAM and SMS-OTP) for over 50,000 hotspots in Taiwan. A single server Radiator performs at almost 1200 transactions per second (TPS) during busy hours and has never failed in providing stable and rock solid performance.

Peter Cheng

President, Acom Networks

We use Radiator for our DATA and SMS real-time charging (using Gy Diameter protocol). It sits between our core network elements (SMSC/GGSN) and our online charging system. All our DATA and SMS traffic (national and roaming ) is controlled using this flow. On top of that we use the control function (Gx) to apply throttling on the DATA flow for roaming.

Annaïck Rinderknecht

DevOps Manager, IT, Salt Mobile