Kuidun Kiitotie is a two day annual FTTH seminar organised by Finnet-liitto, industry association for Finnish telecom companies, and Suomen Seutuverkot, organisation promoting FTTH connectivity projects in Finland. The seminar takes place on 4th & 5th October in Tampere, Finland – Radiator’s home city.  

Radiator Software will be onsite both days to showcase the Radiator RADIUS AAA server. The Radiator team can help with topics like multi-vendor network environments, interoperability with billing and BSS systems, broadband productization from AAA point of view, and network authentication methods and security. 

 The Radiator team welcomes anyone interested in FTTH to visit our booth at the seminar, or contact us directly at sales@radiatorsoftware.com.

More information about the event:

https://www.finnet.fi/valokuitu/kuidun-kiitotie/ (link in Finnish)