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Radiator & OpenRoaming – 4th October and 6th October 2022

Webinar topics will include: 

  • Overview of the use of Radiator AAA Server Software with OpenRoaming™
  • Different use cases for the use of OpenRoaming™ , including carrier, enterprise and hospitality Wi-Fi guest network authentication
  • What we as Radiator Software can do for you when joining OpenRoaming™

Presentation slides coming will be posted here after the webinar!

We’re hosting two live sessions: 

Tuesday 4th October  7AM UTC / 9AM CEST (Central European Summer Time) 

Thursday 6th October 3PM UTC  / 8AM PDT (Pacific) / 11AM EDT (Eastern) 


Please register here to get your webinar link and to receive the webinar presentation into your inbox following the event. 

Radiator warmly welcomes you to our live webinar!



Radiator VNF Flex – 14th & 16th June 2022

Webinar topics will include: 

  • Overview of Radiator VNF Flex and what’s new
  • Radiator VNF Flex integration with customer infrastructure
  • Radiator VNF Flex Management and orchestration
  • Commercial models and projects

Presentation slides: Radiator VNF Flex webinar presentation



Radiator Auth.Fi – 26th & 28th April 2022

Webinar topics included: 

  • Overview of Radiator Auth.Fi – Wi-Fi Authentication Service
  • Use case: Easy email address based Wi-Fi access via self-service
  • Use case: Effortless certificate authentication for Wi-Fi
  • Use case: Password-less guest access verification
  • How to connect to OpenRoaming (™) roaming federation service and Radiator Auth.Fi
  • Service options for Radiator Auth.Fi and different commercial models

Webinar recording: YouTube

Presentation slides: Radiator Auth.Fi webinar presentation 


Radiator Portfolio Updates – 8th & 10th March 2022

Webinar topics included:

  • Radiator Software news and updates in our product and services portfolio
  • Radiator Auth.Fi – our new secure and easy service for Wi-Fi authentication
  • Connecting OpenRoaming™ roaming federation service with Radiator
  • Radiator VNF Flex – new and flexible approach to AAA VNF with Radiator
  • Using Radiator in eduroam and other roaming services
  • Using Radiator with utility networks
  • Experiences from using Radiator as replacement for products nearing end-of-life

Presentation slides: Radiator Portfolio Updates webinar presentation