Materials from our webinars, seminars and other events


Radiator, OpenRoaming and IETF update – June 6th & 8th 2023

Learn what is new in the Radiator, its OpenRoaming functionality and what is happening with IETF RADIUS standardisation and Radiator.

Webinar topics include:

  • Radiator 4.28 release highlights
  • Radiator OpenRoaming enhancements
  • Radiator OpenRoaming Configuration Guide update
  • IETF standardisation and Radiator roadmap

The webinars are hosted in two parallel sessions:



WiFi Roaming Security and Privacy – May 23rd & 25th 2023

RADIUS based Wi-Fi Roaming has been around for over 20 years. In this webinar you will learn about Wi-Fi Roaming specific existing and potential security and privacy issues as well as solutions how to mitigate them.

Wi-Fi Roaming Security topics:

  • Evil Twin Man-in-the-Middle (MitM)
  • Remote Brute Force / Denial of Service (DoS)
  • (log4j) Injection
  • VLAN Penetration/Hopping

Wi-Fi Roaming Privacy topics:

  • MAC address based tracking
  • MAC address randomisation
  • Roaming RADIUS authentication and accounting privacy
  • SIM authentication privacy and IMSI privacy protection

Presentation slides: Wifi Roaming Security and Privacy


OpenRoaming with Radiator webinar – 14th & 16th February 2023

Webinar topics included: 

  • What is required for OpenRoaming?
  • What is the quickest way to start testing?
  • What are the recommended architecture and practices for adding OpenRoaming both for a Service/Access Network Provider and for an Identity Provider?
  • Where can one find help to configure Radiator for OpenRoaming?

Presentation slides: OpenRoaming with Radiator

MobileFunet Working Group Meeting – 30.1.2023

Radiator Software has maintained the Finnish eduroam root service since 2004 and recently made major improvements to the the service. Radiator Software managing director Karri Huhtanen introduced these new enhancements at MobileFunet event. The below presentation (in Finnish) details the new eduroam root architecture and functionalities, and benefits for Finnish eduroam member organisations. 

Presentation slides: MobileFunet working group slides (in Finnish)


SIM Authentication with Radiator – 24th & 26th January 2023

Webinar topics included: 

  • Overview of the use Radiator use cases regarding SIM Authentication, VoWiFi and WiFi Offloading
  • New feature: IMSI Privacy for EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA and EAP-AKA’ authentication
  • Use case: In-flight connectivity with Radiator SIM Pack
  • Use case: OpenRoaming integration with Radiator

Presentation slides: SIM Authentication with Radiator


Radiator & OpenRoaming – 4th & 6th October 2022

Webinar topics included: 

  • Overview of the use of Radiator AAA Server Software with OpenRoaming™
  • Different use cases for the use of OpenRoaming™ , including carrier, enterprise and hospitality Wi-Fi guest network authentication
  • What we as Radiator Software can do for you when joining OpenRoaming™

Presentation slides: Radiator OpenRoaming webinar presentation

Radiator VNF Flex – 14th & 16th June 2022

Webinar topics included: 

  • Overview of Radiator VNF Flex and what’s new
  • Radiator VNF Flex integration with customer infrastructure
  • Radiator VNF Flex Management and orchestration
  • Commercial models and projects

Presentation slides: Radiator VNF Flex webinar presentation



Radiator Auth.Fi – 26th & 28th April 2022

Webinar topics included: 

  • Overview of Radiator Auth.Fi – Wi-Fi Authentication Service
  • Use case: Easy email address based Wi-Fi access via self-service
  • Use case: Effortless certificate authentication for Wi-Fi
  • Use case: Password-less guest access verification
  • How to connect to OpenRoaming (™) roaming federation service and Radiator Auth.Fi
  • Service options for Radiator Auth.Fi and different commercial models

Webinar recording: YouTube

Presentation slides: Radiator Auth.Fi webinar presentation 


Radiator Portfolio Updates – 8th & 10th March 2022

Webinar topics included:

  • Radiator Software news and updates in our product and services portfolio
  • Radiator Auth.Fi – our new secure and easy service for Wi-Fi authentication
  • Connecting OpenRoaming™ roaming federation service with Radiator
  • Radiator VNF Flex – new and flexible approach to AAA VNF with Radiator
  • Using Radiator in eduroam and other roaming services
  • Using Radiator with utility networks
  • Experiences from using Radiator as replacement for products nearing end-of-life

Presentation slides: Radiator Portfolio Updates webinar presentation