Radiator Service Provider Pack

Flexible base for your carrier class AAA infrastructure.

Radiator Service Provider Pack

Radiator Service Provider Module for Radiator AAA Server Software is available through Service Module Pack that includes:

  • Radiator AAA Server software
  • Advanced Radiator Diameter server software
  • Diameter relay application
  • Equipment Identity Register (EIR) generic, client and test server support
  • 1st year unlimited email support
  • 1st year access to new releases & patches of all software

Radiator Service Provider Pack provides the base for carrier-class AAA software for both RADIUS and Diameter interfaces and contains features that allow you to flexibly implement your business logic in your infrastructure. It is the go to AAA server solution for ISPs. And – as is the case with any Radiator product – Radiator Service Provider Pack has proven multi-vendor support. Radiator Service Provider Pack is also part of Radiator SIM PackRadiator Telco Pack, and Radiator GBA/BSF Pack.

Radiator Service Provider Pack provides carrier-class AAA functionality for both RADIUS and Diameter, including advanced Radiator Diameter server software and Diameter relay application. Also, Radiator Service Provider Pack enables your in-house Diameter application development – on your own or with the help of Radiator team and our integrator partners. In addition, Radiator Service Provider licensing options helps you to grow your carrier business.

The Swiss Army Knife of AAA software

Radiator Service Provider Module supports the following:


  • Diameter Network Access Server Application documented in RFC 7155 (base for 3GPP Gz) and RFC 4005
  • Diameter authentication and Diameter accounting documented by RFC 7155
  • Diameter base protocol documented in RFC 6733 and RFC 3588
  • Diameter EAP Application documented in RFC 4072
  • Diameter Credit-Control Application documented in RFC 4006 and RFC 8506 (base for 3GPP Gx and Gy)
  • RADIUS <-> Diameter translation documented by RFC 6733
  • Equipment Identity Register (EIR) support for 3GPP AAA server custom and ready to use applications

Radiator Service Provider Module includes: 


  • Advanced Radiator Diameter server software
  • Diameter relay application
  • All functionality of Radiator AAA server
  • 1st year unlimited email support
  • 1st year access to new releases and patches of all software
  • Full source code supplied

Word from our Customer

“We use Radiator for Dynamic Peer Discovery of RadSec servers which is fundamental to OpenRoaming and our Service Broker service. Radiator makes it easy to enable dynamic discovery on our servers leading to quicker network integrations. This ease of use allows us to provide superior operational support for our customers and network partners.”

John Haspil, Vice President – BSGW Unit, Single Digits 


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