Radiator SIM Pack – SIM Support

EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA and EAP-AKA’ for Radiator.

Radiator SIM Pack

Radiator SIM support for Radiator AAA Server Software is available through Radiator SIM Pack that includes:

  • Full 3GPP AAA Server functionality for VoWiFi, VoLTE and WiFi offloading
  • Standalone support for all SIM-based (EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA, EAP-AKA’) authentication protocols for WiFi offloading
  • IMSI privacy for EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA, EAP-AKA’ and 3GPP AAA Server as defined in WBA’s IMSI Privacy Protection for Wi-Fi – Technical Specification 
  • HSS and HLR interface support
  • Flexible REST API support for fetching SIM and AKA vectors
  • SIM cards for set up and testing
  • 1st year unlimited email support
  • 1st year access to new releases & patches of all software

Radiator SIM Pack is the key component for seamless data and voice roaming between mobile and Wi-Fi networks with SIM authentication. Radiator SIM Pack also provides all the functions required for 3GPP AAA Server.

Radiator SIM Pack provides seamless authentication with EAP-AKA standard. AKA is the standard for authenticating wireless LAN access with mobile phone SIM cards and the existing worldwide GSM mobile telephone authentication network.

IMSI privacy is a key feature of Radiator SIM Pack, providing server side support for permanent identity protection during SIM-based Wi-Fi authentication, Wi-Fi offloading and VoWiFi, resulting in a higher QoE for your users.


Radiator SIM Pack – technical information

Radiator SIM support includes
  • 3GPP AAA server SWm, S6b, and SWa Diameter interfaces
  • EIR support for 3GPP AAA server
  • 3GPP Diameter Wx interface for direct HSS connections
  • 3GPP Diameter SWx interface for direct HSS connections
  • M3UA/SIGTRAN interface for MAP based authentication
  • Support for converting AKA vectors to SIM triplet for lower HSS licensing costs and greater configuration flexibility
  • Supports MAP/SS7 gateways for connecting to legacy AuC/HLR servers over MAP, SIGTRAN, and other protocols
  • Full RADIUS accounting support IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • TCP and SCTP for both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Full source code supplied


Radiator SIM Pack is priced based on the number of users. Please contact us to discuss pricing for your use case.

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Radiator offers a 30-day free evaluation licence for testing purposes. Apply via the form in link below:

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Download access is available for registered and evaluation customers. Find the current releases here.

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