Radiator Software is pleased to announce release 1.19 of RAdmin, web based RADIUS user management package.


Revision notes:

  • Base32 encoding of OATH token seed was incorrectly done on RHEL 7 and other systems with an old MIME::Base32 module. This was caused by a change in RAdmin release 1.18.
  • Updates to install.pl. Some directories were still created when called with -n option.
  • Fix and enhance minor issues in install.pl
  • Fix installMySQL.sh broken in RAdmin 1.18. Use MySQL 8 compatible syntax when creating users.
  • install.pl warns when CGI.pm is not installed.
  • Digipass, OATH (TOTP and HOTP) and Yubikey token entries are shown as disabled in the Radmin main menu if they can not be enabled because of missing or non-functional dependencies.
  • Static password (PIN) change is now supported for Digipass tokens. Requires a new permission TOKEN_SET_PASSWORD added in basicdb.dat. Those who upgrade and need PIN change for Digipass can use goodies file upgrade-1.18-1.19.dat to add the new permission to their SQL DB.
  • OATH token QR code encoding changes from GIF to BMP. This removes a dependency to Imager::File::GIF Perl module and libgif library. Perl Imager can directly create .bmp formatted files.
  • Document OATH support in reference and user manual. Other manual enhancements.
  • Update Radius attributes and values from the latest Radiator dictionary.