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Use this form if you require additional server licences for Radiator AAA Server Software or if you need to upgrade your support contract. Payment options available are invoice and credit card, credit card payments are handled with Stripe.


1. Complete licensee details section
2. Choose your payment method and currency. Credit card payments must be made in euros
3. Select your current license and the license you wish to upgrade to. You can also use this form to upgrade your current support contract
4. Complete the secure payment section
5. Click SUBMIT to securely send this form electronically. Your order will be processed within 24 business hours

Note: Customer is purchasing the delivery of access credentials to download the selected Radiator software which is accessible and used solely on the terms and conditions contained in the Radiator Standard End User License Agreement and in any product specific terms for the software. The access credentials will be sent/transmitted to the Customer immediately upon confirmation of payment.
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Licensee Details

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