Radiator Software is pleased to announce release 1.18 of RAdmin, web based RADIUS user management package.

Revision notes:

  • RFC 6929 extended and vendor specific extended attributes are not yet supported by RAdmin.
  • Update Radius attributes and values from the latest Radiator 4.26 dictionary. Many new entries were added and one change is made: value 800 of attribute F5-LTM-User-Role was changed to Web-Application-Security-Administrator from Policy-Editor. Update convertDict.pl in goodies.
  • RAdmin now comes with its own Rcrypt module and no longer requires Radiator on the host that runs RAdmin.
  • OATH token detail display is clearer about which token parameters apply to HOTP tokens only. Error count is now clearly labeled as consecutive bad login counter. Minor improvements to HTML layout.
  • Improve OATH token detail display to show local time and clarify last use timestamp and timezone origin and value. Last use timestamp is always set by the AAA server, possibly depending on its timezone. Radmin now also displays UTC time, if timestamp is based on epoch.
  • Remove a harmless warning seen in web server log triggered by a deprecated function. Update and enhance OATH creation.
  • Removed OCRA token type from OATH tokens. OCRA support was planned but not implemented.
  • Add possibility to define Issuer for TOTP and HOTP token QR code. Issuer defaults to Radmin. Update QR code creation to tell more about the newly created QR code content.
  • install.pl now removes old files first to avoid permission problems when running as non-root user.
  • Update DBI connection strings the DB specific installers use.
  • Update install.pl to not touch installed files when running with -n option
  • purgeLogs in goodies was using incorrect length for day resulting in slightly too long days.
  • purgeLogs now supports environment variables to selecting the database similar to ‘database’ URL parameter.