Radiator Software is pleased to announce we have joined Wireless Broadband Alliance as an implementer member. WBA is driving seamless, interoperable Wi-Fi service experiences via industry collaboration between operators and technology companies.

WBA’s recent ownership of OpenRoaming™ was welcome news for our team and the choice to join was a natural next step for our company. Radiator Software has always closely followed the industry standards and best practices, and our expertise in Wi-Fi authentication and roaming solutions aligns perfectly with WBA’s vision of a seamless wireless ecosystem.

The Radiator team has been working with Wi-Fi roaming since the earliest days of roaming federations, and consequently, many eduroam organizations and operators around the globe rely on Radiator AAA Server Software within their Wi-Fi roaming. Given our background in Wi-Fi roaming implementations, we are excited about OpenRoaming becoming the industry standard for Wi-Fi networks under WBA leadership.

At Radiator Software we are looking forward to new opportunities to help operators, organisations and roaming federations to join OpenRoaming, since we can provide the right expertise, the required AAA software, and ongoing support to ensure smooth deployment. If you would like to hear more, please contact us at sales@radiatorsoftware.com