RAdmin features

RAdmin is a full-featured web-based user administration package designed to be used with the Radiator RADIUS Server with any RADIUS-based NAS or terminal server. RAdmin works with any SQL server, storing user and accounting details. It allows you to control and manage your users from any platform in your network.

RAdmin allows you to add, change, and remove users from your SQL user database. Radiator will use that same user database to quickly authenticate and authorise your users. Radiator will also store dial-up port usage information to SQL, allowing you to monitor and troubleshoot user problems.

You can configure your users with static IP addresses, simultaneous-use limits, bad login counts, and valid date ranges. Administrators can drill down to individual session details and get modem usage reports. RAdmin will automatically suggest password, and your users can also change their own passwords.

RADmin works with leading authentication tokens like Vasco Digipass and Yubico Yubikeys. Tokens can be imported into RAdmin, allocated to users and then Radiator can authenticate those users using their token for authentication credentials.

RAdmin works with any web browser on any platform. The RAdmin CGI scripts will run on any Unix or NT platform with most web servers. RAdmin will run with most free and commercial SQL servers on most platforms, including Oracle, Sybase, mSQL, Mysql, Postgresql, Microsoft SQL, and many others.

For the busy ISP and network administrator, RAdmin brings several benefits:

  • Portability: works with most web servers on most platforms, works with most browsers on most platforms
  • Flexibility: works with most SQL servers
  • Easy to add, configure, and remove users with a web interface
  • Easy investigation of user usage patterns and drill down to details session information
  • Full source provided

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