Revision 1.12 (2016-09-28)

Minor improvements and bug fixes

  • Updated compatibility with recent Perl Tk versions.
Revision 1.11 (2012-10-16)

Minor improvements and bug fixes

  • Updated radar to use Getopt::Long instead of newgetopt.
Revision 1.10 (2012-06-24)

Minor improvements and bug fixes

  • RPM packages were built by default on OpenSuSE with LZMA compression, which is not available for all platforms. This new Radar.spec disables LZMA and uses BZ2 instead. In future all RPMS will be built with BZ2 comppression.
Revision 1.9 (2009-01-06)

Minor improvements and bug fixes

  • Improvements to the way ping is used on Windows to detect Radiator host. Now uses ICMP ping.
  • Increased the range of manual options for the Y Scale in plots.
Revision 1.8 (2008-01-15)

Minor improvements and bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with evaluation license expiry.
  • Added support for saving Radiator configuration file from Radar. Requires Radiator 4.0 or later.
  • Removed HTML version of reference manual from shipping list. Only PDF and PostScript versions are shipped now.
Revision 1.7 (2006-06-01)

Minor improvements and bug fixes

  • Improved identification name of each host now includes the host name and port connected to.
  • Improvements to Filter dialog attribute selection menus: group alphabetically to reduce maximum depth of menus.
  • Restart Server command is now protected by a confirmation dialog.
  • Improvements to host connection under Windows, since IO::Socket::INET->new can block for a long time. Host now pings (with timeout) the target Radiator before trying to connect.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented stringarray type parameters in the Radaitor configuration such as EAPType being changed.
Revision 1.6 (2005-06-02)

New logging packet filter

  • Logger can now select which log messages to show based on a packet filter that can select log messages based on any number of attributes in the associated Radius request. Can also select whether to log messages with no associated Radisu request (ie general server messages). Requires Radiator 3.12 plus latest patches or later.
  • When new message filters or log levels are selected, the log transcript now includes a record of the new settings, which will aid in reviewing logs.
  • Standard Radius dictionary is now provided by RDict.pm
  • Improvements to spec file and Makefile for easy building or RPMs and locked versions.
Revision 1.5 (2004-11-13)

Minor bug fixes

  • Improvements so that stringarray and splitstringarray types can be displayed.
Revision 1.4 (2004-06-09)

Fix Tk compatibility issues)

  • Fixed a compatibility problem with Tk 804-027 that prevented some main menu items working
Revision 1.3 (2003-05-20)

Minor release with some new features

  • Can now configure the printing format on a per-data-set basis for showing values in the plotter. Defaults to ‘%.1f’, a floating point number with 1 decimal point.
Revision 1.2.1 (2002-08-23)

Minor release to fix install problems)

  • Makefile.PL used SITEPREFIX to determine where to install library files, but this is not available on all platforms. Removed
Revision 1.2 (2002-08-23)

Fixes and new features

  • Radar displayed incorrect version number in the title.
  • RPM now installs in a perl verion independent directory
Revision 1.1 (2002-05-23)

Fixes and new features

  • Improvements to radar.bat for Windows. Reported by “Kent, Ashley” (akent@ue.com.au). Thanks Ash.
  • Improvements to Makefile.PL for Windows. Install did not create the RadarGUI directory in perl site_lib. Reported by “Kent, Ashley” (akent@ue.com.au). Thanks Ash.
  • radiusd did not correctly default to local . libs.
  • Added ability for Logger to log all requests only from a specific User-Name. Requires Radiator 3.0 plus patches or 3.1 or later.
Revision 1.0 (2002-03-25)

First commercial release

  • Added adjuster so that the server list could be resized.
  • In server list, each server entry now only takes 2 lines.
  • Fixed a problem where reconnecting to a disconnected Radiator with pending commands in the comms buffer broke the login handshake. Reported by various people.
  • -d flag now produces timestamps too. Suggested by Christophe Wolfhugel (wolf@oleane.net) (along with many other good suggestions).
  • Can configure the from address for email notifications. Suggested by Christophe Wolfhugel.
  • The uncompiled text of hooks can now be viewed. Suggested by “Bruno Tiago Rodrigues” (bofh@netc.pt), along with a number of other suggestions.
  • The title used as the name of a server in the server list is now configurable. Suggested by “Bruno Tiago Rodrigues”.
  • Fixed a problem where attempted connections could block for a long time, depending on the timouts in the TCP stack. Now connection timeout is fixed at 5 secs.
  • Added a new announcement type connect_failed, that is triggered when an attempt to connect to a server fails. Repeated connection error reasons are only reported once.
  • New Time ticks were not always drawn if the server was disconnected.
  • Exit button and window close button now do some cleanup before exiting, workaround for some race conditions with select in Tk.
  • Announcement emails have a more informative Subject line.
  • In the plotter Data Sets config, Hide has been changed to Show, with appropriate inversions throughout. Old radar.ini files may need to be updated: previously visible data items will not by visible.
Revision 1.0 beta (2002-03-13)
Initial public release for beta tests