Radar features

Radar provides an interactive graphical tool for monitoring and controlling multiple Radiator servers.

  • Monitor large or small Radiator installations.
  • Radar connects to remote or local Radiator servers by TCP/IP, so you can deploy a single radar monitoring any number or Radiators.
  • Radar connections to Radiator are authenticated by Radiator with CHAP
Monitor Radiator installations: Monitor one or more Radiator instances running on this or any remote server.
Connect to remote Radiator host: The connections are authenticated and run over TCP
Announcements configuration: Radar can be configured send alerts and announcements based on different types of events.
Log viewer: Logs can be viewed in real-time
Change Radiator configuration parameters: Configuration parameters in a running Radiator instance can be changed without restarts.
Statistics configuration: Radar can plot configured in multiple ways to plot different request types. The plot is generated in real-time up to 1 second resolution.
Set Plotter properties: The real-time plotter has a number of configuration options to customise the graphs.