Radiator Software Mailing List Policy

Ideas, suggestions, questions, bug reports, contributions and list archives

Product mailing lists are provided as a community resource by Radiator Software. They are provided free of charge, and are intended to be used by customers and others with quick, casual product questions, and to exchange ideas and suggestions. It is not intended to replace formal support for any product. We encourage all members of the product community to assist others by posting answers to any questions posted to the list. If you have ideas, patches or other contributions you would like added to any of our products, please see our Contribution Policy.

In order to be able to post to a mailing list, you must subscribe first. You can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time. If you post to a list without subscribing first, the posting will be ignored (in order to prevent abuse by spammers).

Before posting to a mailing list, please read the relevant product manual and search the mailing list archives at https://lists.open.com.au/mailman/listinfo for similar questions and answers posted by others.

In order to get an answer to a question, you should post as much information as possible, including at least:

  • A description of the host and environment, including operating system and versions of all relevant software
  • A complete description of the problem you are experiencing
  • Configuration files (no secrets or passwords, please)
  • Message or error logs, at the highest logging level you can get, illustrating the problem.

Without all this information, it is unlikely that anyone, including Radiator Software staff, will be able to answer your question. Hint: it is better to post too much information than not enough.

Radiator Software staff occasionally monitor the free mailing list and answer questions, but we do not guarantee any response to any question. If we do respond, it may be with some minimal information, since our staff are not able to spend significant amounts of time resolving problems or questions posted here. If you require extensive, personal support, you should consider purchasing an email support contract. If you need installation, configuration or customisation services, contact info@radiatorsoftware.com

Bug reports with supporting information so that we can reproduce it will almost always result in a quick response (and maybe even a patch) from our maintenance team.

Mailing lists are archived at https://lists.open.com.au/mailman/listinfo. All email addresses in the archive are hidden to prevent address harvesting. The archive is available publically, and contains all emails posted to the mailing list by subscribers, organised by month of posting.

Postings are automatically limited to 80000 characters. If you try to post a longer message, it will be silently rejected.

If we receive one or more email bounce messages from a subscriber, they will be automatically unsubscribed. If the reason for the bounces was temporary, you will need to resubscribe.

We try really hard to prevent spam leaking onto our mailing lists. If you receive spam from a list (and it’s not a forged address) please don’t get mad at us: just report it to info@radiatorsoftware.com and we will do what we can to prevent it happening again.

The lists are not to be used by subscribers to solicit commercial services or promote products or send spam. Doing so will result in immediate and permanent removal of the offender’s subscription.

Abusive or offensive postings will also result in immediate and permanent removal of the offender’s subscription. Please report offenders to info@radiatorsoftware.com