OSC Agent AIR Networks integrated a hotel hotspot setup based on a MikroTik RouterOS gateway where guests log in using their room number and reservation code, with access being billed to the room. The proprietary hotel Property Management System (PMS) did not have any built in modules to communicate with hotspot gateways so -together with the PMS developers- they adapted Radiator to communicate with the PMS for authentication and accounting using CSV files.

“Having used Radiator before, our first choice was to implement it again, but we looked around anyway to see if there was a simpler way of doing the integration. In the end, Radiator gave us the simplest, lightest and most scalable solution we could build. Ironically, such a simple setup was only possible using Radiator. Other RADIUS servers get lost in their own complexity, in fact most of them cannot handle plaintext/CSV files!” Andrea Coppini, AIR Networks, Malta.