IMSI Privacy Protection for Wi-Fi with Radiator SIM Pack

Why operators need IMSI Privacy?

Mobile carriers are increasingly offloading data and voice traffic from mobile networks to Wi-Fi networks to reduce operational costs and extend network coverage. Seamless roaming between LTE/5G and WiFi is achieved using SIM authentication and 3GPP AAA server.  

Traditional SIM authentication exposes the end user IMSI, raising security concerns. Leading device manufacturers are driving the demand for increased security through IMSI encryption, with both Apple and Android having their own client implementations for IMSI Privacy. Consequently modern smartphones are starting to display security notifications to users being offloaded if the network doesn’t support IMSI Privacy, or even refusing to auto-connect. This risks operator brand value and the offload cost savings.  

Radiator SIM Pack provides end-to-end IMSI Privacy for EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA, EAP-AKA’ authentication

Radiator SIM Pack is the first commercially available 3GPP AAA server with IMSI Privacy implementation with field proven compatibility with iOS and Android client implementations. Radiator can handle both encrypted and plain SIM authentication, providing added protection to newer devices requiring IMSI Privacy, while allowing other devices to still connect as usual. 

Download the “Introduction to IMSI Privacy Protection for Wi-Fi with Radiator SIM Pack” whitepaper to learn how to upgrade and future-proof your existing network.

* What is IMSI? In SIM-based mobile devices, like smart phones and tablets, the user’s unique identifier is stored on the SIM card in a standard format known as the International Mobile Subscriber Identifier, or IMSI for short.