Radiator can now act as a DIAMETER to RADIUS gateway. This means that authentication networks can utilise the greater reliability and security provided by DIAMETER within an existing RADIUS infrastructure. The new ServerDIAMETER module allows Radiator to serve DIAMETER authentication requests by converting them to RADIUS requests which can be served internally by Radiator’s huge range of authentication methods or proxied to another RADIUS server. Replies are converted to DIAMETER and sent back to the originating DIAMETER node.

RADIUS is currently the industry standard for network Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting (AAA) and enormous investment has been made in computer network infrastructure and maintenance by governments, NGOs and commercial organisations throughout the world. But conventional RADIUS traffic can be insecure or easily breached. DIAMETER (RFC 3588, 4005, 4072) is the next generation replacement of the RADIUS protocol and is designed to address these security and reliability shortcomings.

“With Radiator, our customers can now handle DIAMETER compatible devices without having to upgrade their entire authentication system”, according to OSC’s chief technologist, Mike McCauley. “This gives them the flexibility to take advantage of the greater security provided by DIAMETER and send sensitive authentication data over insecure networks with confidence”. More