Open System Consultants (OSC) developed RadSec in 2005 in response to the well-known vulnerabilities of RADIUS authentication and transportation over WANs and the internet. LANCOM Systems has now released support for RadSec in LANCOM devices both in client and server mode.

According to Jan Buis, LANCOM Director International Sales, “RadSec was implemented to obtain better security support between these network elements. These high-end security needs came in particular from industries such as Industrial, Outdoor networks, Automotive and Banking/Financials.”

To overcome, RADIUS’ rather weak protection and privacy, RadSec builds a cryptographically secure tunnel between RADIUS client and server. The tunnel is built with proven technologies (SSL/TLS, X.509 certificates) and provides:
– mutual authentication of client and server via digital certificates
– protection against attacks and packet modification during transport
– data privacy for the complete RADIUS protocol

With the implementation of RadSec in LANCOM’s network components, Radiator RADIUS server ensures the critical business need for secure network access and transport.

LANCOM Systems GmbH is the leading German vendor of business-standard wireless LAN technology for indoor & outdoor use, and of secure internet access and multiple-site networking solutions based on fixed and mobile technologies.

More information at: www.lancom.EU or
For more information about RadSec, read the whitepaper.