We are pleased to announce an expansion to the Radiator product offering – Radiator Cloud for Azure. We have ever so often been approached by companies and organisations that require a fast to set up, easy to use hosted WiFi authentication solution.

Often the trouble with Software-as-a-Service type WiFi solutions is the concern for privacy, who has access to customer data and how it is handled. To address the demand for a hosted solution with complete privacy to customer data, we’ve developed an Azure-native cloud solution – Radiator Cloud for Azure

Radiator Cloud for Azure is a managed application that is deployed, hosted, operated and monitored all in Azure. User data and logs stay within your Azure tenant with no external access. User and NAS client provisioning is done with enhanced Azure UI and the solution can be monitored with premade Azure Monitoring queries.

Radiator Simple WiFi authentication, powered by Radiator Cloud

The first application that is now live in Azure Marketplace is Radiator Simple WiFi authentication. It is a simple username-password authentication solution that allows organisations to take control of their wireless network with minimum requirements. The only prerequisites to deploying the solution are an active Azure subscription and access to one’s network device configuration.

Deployment is done within minutes from the Azure Marketplace. A user with at least Contributor permissions for their tenant can deploy the application. Provisioning and monitoring is made straightforward with Azure UI and billing is done together with the organisation’s other Azure applications.

Radiator Simple WiFi authentication – Easy, Fast and Affordable

The main customer groups that benefit from the application are organisations who do not yet have any WiFi authentication solution in use, as well as organisations with multiple locations who want to centralise their WiFi authentication operations. Radiator Simple WiFi authentication provides an easy way for centralised user and device management with minimum prerequisites.

Radiator Simple WiFi authentication is easy, fast and affordable. The simple structure of the application, backed with comprehensive deployment guide and user manual, make the application easy to deploy and operate. Deployment process is automated and does not need any vendor approval. Provisioning is very straightforward. In a typical deployment, you have a working system within the same day.

The costs of the application consists of two parts: fixed monthly software cost and Azure running costs for hosting the application. All costs are transparent and easy to estimate. You are only billed by Azure, along with your other Azure applications.

The future of Radiator Cloud

While Radiator Simple WiFi authentication is already available for purchase in Azure Marketplace, we are also actively looking to expand the Radiator Cloud product family both horizontally with other use cases and vertically to other platforms.

Our two big roadmap items for Radiator Cloud are enterprise-grade WiFi authentication application and an application for WiFi authentication utilising Microsoft Entra IDs. Both of these address a direct need not only from new but also existing customers who are looking to move from their existing Active Directory on to Azure.

While these development news are all about Radiator Cloud, this is by no means a sign that we would have shifted focus from our on-site products. Radiator is committed to active development and latest standards and these efforts are made to make Radiator products more accessible to all organisations across different platforms and deployment models.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about Radiator Simple WiFi Authentication or Radiator Cloud roadmap items, please do not hesitate to contact us.