Open System Consultants (OSC), the developer of Radiator Radius server software, and VASCO Data Security have announced their partnership agreement to enable two-factor authentication solutions for wired, wireless and dialup networks. OSC’s products Radiator and RAdmin are now certified as “VASCO-Ready”.

Radiator Radius server now authenticates VASCO’s Digipass tokens – small hand-held devices that display a one-time time-based password. Radiator uses this password to authenticate access to wired, wireless and dialup networks. Radiator runs on a wide range of hardware/software platforms and operating systems.

Two-factor authentication provides a much more secure system that does not rely on static, unchanging passwords that may be copied, shared or stolen. This type of authentication is most desirable in high-level security operations such as network operations control, finance and banking operations and other sensitive corporate networks.

Radiator is extremely flexible, allowing network administrators to integrate VASCO Digipass authentication with their existing 3rd party user management system, or with RAdmin – OSC’s Radius web based user management product – or with any enterprise user management software.

Radiator is in use world-wide providing authentication, authorisation and accounting (AAA) functionality to tens of thousands of enterprise, service provider and carrier networks. VASCO Digipass support is available for Linux, Windows and Solaris platforms.

For more information, please read the Radiator Digipass Support whitepaper and visit: