Radiator(R) RADIUS server from Open System Consultants (OSC) was used as the central RADIUS server of the iLabs network at NetWorld+Interop 2005 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas USA, May 1-6, 2005.

iLabs is the world’s only real-time live interoperability test bed for the latest networking technologies. Radiator was the core component for all RADIUS requests sent through the iLabs network. Radiator then proxied the requests to the appropriate device across the network.

This is the second year Radiator was nominated because of its reliability, flexibility and sound reputation in the telecommunications industry. As a vendor neutral product, it interoperates readily with all client hardware and software platforms, operating systems and databases.

“iLabs tests the latest security related products against any devices and software that people show up with” said Mike McCauley, chief technologist from OSC, “Radiator has again proven itself up to the challenge”. More