Radiator(R) RADIUS server from Open System Consultants (OSC) was used as the central RADIUS server of the iLabs network at NetWorld+Interop 2005 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas USA, May 1-6, 2005.

iLabs is the world’s only real-time live interoperability test bed for the latest networking technologies. Radiator was the core component for all RADIUS requests sent through the iLabs network. Radiator then proxied the requests to the appropriate device across the network.

This is the second year Radiator was nominated because of its reliability, flexibility and sound reputation in the telecommunications industry. As a vendor neutral product, it interoperates readily with all client hardware and software platforms, operating systems and databases.

“iLabs tests the latest security related products against any devices and software that people show up with” said Mike McCauley, chief technologist from OSC, “Radiator has again proven itself up to the challenge”.

“In the iLabs, industry-leading vendors work side-by-side with their peers to put the IT infrastructure industry’s newest technologies to the test and share findings with other IT professionals” according to Steve Wylie, NetWorld+Interop Program Director. iLabs also serves as a centre for providing practical education and information to the NetWorld+Interop community on standards-based networking technologies.

For more information on iLabs visit: [link removed]

About Radiator RADIUS server – Radiator is a highly configurable and flexible RADIUS server running on most server hardware and operating systems such as Unix, Linux, Windows, Solaris, Mac OS and VMS. It supports authentication by over 60 different types of authentication methods and inter-operates with a wide range of user databases and ISP billing packages. Radiator is a mission critical component of the wired and wireless networks of thousands of corporations, telecommunications carriers, governments, commercial and academic institutions.

For more information about Radiator, go to https://www.radiatorsoftware.com/radiator

Getting Radiator – A free evaluation of Radiator RADIUS server is available at https://www.radiatorsoftware.com/evaluation

About Open System Consultants – OSC is a leading provider of network access solutions with a global reputation for quality products and rapid customer response. OSC offers a suite of source code products that provide extensibility, flexibility and portability to suit vanilla and custom requirements. Founded in 1991, OSC is headquartered at Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.