Radiator RADIUS server now supports TOTP, a new open specification time-based one-time-password protocol, recently developed by OATH (Initiative for Open AuTHentication, http://www.openauthentication.org)

TOTP is a time-based authentication protocol, and is designed for use in time-based 2 factor tokens and other similar authentication processes. It uses the well-known SHA-1 hash function, along with a secret key and a timestamp. The specification is completely open and free and is the result of community collaboration with OATH.

Radiator’s new TOTP authentication module supports optional PIN/static password, brute force attack detection and many other configurable features. Radiator’s TOTP joins the OATH HOTP (event-based one-time-password) support that already ships with Radiator, and reinforces OSC’s support for open specification authentication protocols.