With Radiator RADIUS server you can build a prepaid wired or wireless internet access system for hotels with automatic billing to the room. We have recently included a sample configuration that works with Opera Property Management System (PMS), Mikrotik hotspot package and MySQL.

Radiator interfaces readily with Opera which is a widely used hotel property management software package from MICROS-FidelioMikrotik is a very capable PC-Based router/wireless/hotspot/proxy software package. Other similar hotspot/portal systems can also be supported.

When a user wants wireless or wired internet access through the Mikrotik hotspot, the hotspot module presents a web page requesting room number and guest number. Radiator authenticates the RADIUS requests from the hotspot against room number and guest number from Opera. It then looks in MySQL for an existing prepaid session for the room/guest/macaddress combination. If the user does not already have a prepaid session, one is created and a billing posting is sent to Opera (the cost will be added to the user’s hotel bill). If there is already a prepaid session with time left, then the user is granted access for that much time. Details of posted bills are also stored in MySQL.

The Mikrotik+Radiator+Opera+MySQL system provides flexible, configurable wired and wireless access for hotel guests with direct to-room billing.