OSC is very pleased to announce that Radiator’s EAP-SIM/AKA module has been enhanced with support for the Ulticom DSC Diameter-MAP Gateway.

Now Radiator can authenticate both EAP-SIM (using 2G GSM SIM cards) *and* EAP-AKA / EAP-AKA-PRIME (using 3G/4G UMTS uSIM cards) all through a single gateway to the SS7 or Sigtran network. This means you can authenticate SIM and uSIM cards issued by you or another operator against the global 2G/3G/4G mobile phone authentication system, or your own private HLR/AuC.

Ulticom are vendors of the globally recognised Signalware suite, used in SS7 and Sigtran systems throughout the world. Ulticom DSC Diameter-MAP Gateway leverages Signalware to provide scalable, configurable and scriptable Diameter to SS7 (or Sigtran) interworking.

Radiator EAP-SIM and EAP-AKA modules can now use Ulticom DSC Diameter-MAP Gateway to fetch authentication vectors for both SIM and uSIM cards from SS7 and Sigtran connected HLRs, closing the loop between the end-user’s SIM or uSIM card and their operator’s card Authentication Centre (AuC), as part of your WiFi data offloading strategy. See the Radiator EAP-SIM Support Whitepaper for details.