Open System Consultants is delighted to announce release 4.7 of Radiator RADIUS server. As usual, there is a great range of additions in this release – from small helpful adjustments to some very significant contributions.

One standout is the sample Radiator configuration, showing how to build a WiFi hotspot with, for example MikroTik hotspot and captive portal, which authenticates against Micros-Fidelio Opera hotel management system, and permits the user to purchase WiFi internet access in blocks of 24 hours which are billed to the user’s room through Opera. The example works with MySQL as a session database (schema included), but other databases can be supported.

There are two other new sample configuration files for Radiator: one showing how to proxy requests to the WiKID Strong Authentication RADIUS Server and another with detailed installation instructions for the Secure Metric SecureOTP one-time-password system, including details on how to proxy requests to the SecureOTP RADIUS Server.

We are constantly adding new features to Radiator, now 12 years since its original release – click here for a full product history.