Radiator Carrier Pack

Flexible base for your carrier class AAA infrastructure.

Radiator Carrier Pack

Radiator Carrier Module for Radiator AAA Server Software is available through Carrier Pack that includes:

  • Radiator AAA Server software
  • Advanced Radiator Diameter server software
  • Diameter relay application
  • Equipment Identity Register (EIR) generic, client and test server support
  • 1st year unlimited email support
  • 1st year access to new releases & patches of all software

Radiator Carrier Pack provides the base for carrier-class AAA software for both RADIUS and Diameter interfaces and contains features that allow you to flexibly implement your business logic in your infrastructure. And – as is the case with any Radiator product – Radiator Carrier Pack has proven multi-vendor support. Radiator Carrier Pack is also part of Radiator SIM PackRadiator Telco Pack, and Radiator GBA/BSF Pack.

Radiator Carrier Pack provides carrier-class AAA functionality for both RADIUS and Diameter, including advanced Radiator Diameter server software and Diameter relay application. Also, Radiator Carrier Pack enables your in-house Diameter application development – on your own or with the help of Radiator team and our integrator partners.


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