The highly respected web site for computer programmers and professionals today featured an interview with Open System Consultants chief software developer Mike McCauley. Mike discusses some of the technical underpinnings of Radiator, and the place of Open System Consultants in the world software market. is one of the most highly respected web sites for software developers and managers, and features extensive news, articlkes and resources for software development teams. Simon Cozens, the author of the article is also the Editor of is sponsored by O’Reilly & Associates, Inc., the premier publisher of computer books.

“It’s a pleasure and a privelege to be recognised as a leading software house by the likes of” said Mike today. “We are always happy to try to share our experience with the community”.

Radiator is the highly flexible, configurable and extensible Radius server from Open System Consultants. Designed from the ground up it, offers features and options not found in any other Radius server, and uses the latest Object Oriented technology to achieve superior reliability and flexibility.

Open System Consultants is a private software company based in Australia, founded in 1992. It provides world class products for telecommunications companies, ISPs, and Corporate networks. Web: Email:


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