OSC is proud to announce that RadSec protocol originally developed by OSC has been accepted by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) asRFC 6614 “Transport Layer Security (TLS) Encryption for RADIUS”

In 2005, OSC saw the need for a secure, reliable way to proxy RADIUS requests across unreliable, insecure networks like the Internet, and developed the RadSec protocol, with the initial implementation in Radiator RADIUS Server.

With RadSec, the contents of authentication requests are fully encrypted and reliably transported over TCP – just what users such as Eduroam needed to send authentication requests securely between their Radiator RADIUS servers at educational institutions around the world.

The folks at Eduroam were keen to standardize the protocol so that it could be deployed more widely throughout their networks. Stefan Winter from Restena championed RadSec through the IETF process and as a result, all users can now rely on a consistent interpretation throughout the industry. As a consequence, there is greater inter-operability between systems and devices supporting RadSec such as the open source radsecproxy, wireless Access Points from Lancom and others.

OSC’s Radiator RADIUS server has always been at the leading edge of improvements to the security of networks. We support the very important work of the IETF standards system and are honoured to be acknowledged in this RFC.