Open System Consultants Pty Ltd. announced today the signing of an OEM agreement with Encotone Ltd, Israel, that will offer corporate customers higher levels of security in accessing their LANs both remotely and within the corporate network. Open System Consultants is the developer of the Radiator RADIUS authentication server.

Radiator is a highly portable, configurable and flexible RADIUS server that supports authentication by a wide range of methods. The combined solution will enable customers to have a flexible, powerful, user authentication solution for highly secure access to information over distributed networks.

Encotone’s Tele-ID™ PAM – Pluggable Authentication Module is provides highly secure, one-time passwords (OTPs) for both remote and local access to computer networks. Tele-ID™ PAM complements the portable, hand-held Tele-ID™ device that generates OTPs for network access users. OTPs are generated by high-level cryptographic calculations. The Tele-ID™ PAM supports amongst others, RADIUS protocol and LDAP.

Encotone’s flagship product, the Tele-ID™, is a PKI personal portable digital signature device that allows the implementation of any application that requires remote absolute identification and/or authentication, via the telephone network or via the Internet. It offers to enterprises, a variety of applications such as: (i) Digital Signature of any electronic file, (ii) Secure remote access to corporate data and voice networks; and (iii) secure remote transactions.

“The dynamic variable code generated by the Tele-ID™ in combination with the Tele-ID™ PAM adds an important feature to Radiator. We are now able to offer a very secure complete solution that allow employees to securely remotely access their data networks and confidential information,” said Mike McCauley CEO of Open System Consultants.

“The combination of Tele-ID™ PAM and Radiator provides our customers with a proven solution for secure computer network access,” said Marc Houri, Vice President of Operations at Encotone. “We are very pleased to have entered into an OEM agreement with Open System Consultants, and believe that this partnership will provide significant benefits to a wide range of customers.”

About Open System Consultants Open System Consultants provides software and consulting services, specializing in Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Access Service Providers (ASPs), in the area of telecom and corporate networking. As a major solution provider to these industry segments, Open System Consultants has achieved global recognition for its Radiator RADIUS server, as well as other network management products. In addition to software development the company, provides full customization, training, installation and consulting services for its wide range of products. Open System Consultants was established in 1991 in Melbourne, Australia and has deployed a global network of representatives to professionally serve its markets.

About the Tele-ID™ Tele-ID™ is a patented PKI portable, acoustic, personal signing tool of credit card size designed to enable the Cardholder to perform secure remote transactions over the Internet or over the telephone. Encotone’s technology based on open standards is applied to the remote identification of individuals as well as, to digitally sign data, which can be transmitted, from any phone and or any PC (device independent) by means of the Tele-ID™. The Tele-ID™ technology and solutions prevents impersonation, repudiation of message, message substitution, hacker attacks and Service Provider employee criminal complicity. About Encotone Encotone Ltd. is a privately held Israeli based high-tech company, specializing in enterprises solutions for remote access, digital signatures as well as securing remote transactions. ECI Telecom (NASDAQ: ECIL), Netegrity (NASDAQ: NETE) and Ganden Technologies Ltd. are amongst its shareholders. Encotone’s mission is to achieve a standout position in providing solutions that enable secure remote identification and Digital Signature from anywhere, using any communication device.