Open System Consultants (OSC) has developed LIBTNC, an open source implementation of Trusted Network Connect (TNC) open standards for trusted network access control and endpoint integrity. LIBTNC is an open source library that integrates with the TNC server and client software.

TNC is an open, non-proprietary architecture that enables the application and enforcement of security requirements for endpoints connecting to a network. The specifications are being developed by Trusted Computing Group (TCG) an industry group formed to develop, define and promote open standards for hardware-enabled trusted computing and security technologies.

OSC’s Chief Technologist Mike McCauley demonstrated LIBTNC during Interop at Las Vegas in May, 2006 using OSC’s Radiator RADIUS server and Xsupplicant, an open source 802.1X client from the Open1x project. The LIBTNC project site is at

With LIBTNC, OSC further demonstrates its support of the goals of TCG to help users protect their information assets (data, passwords, keys, etc) from compromise due to external software attack and physical theft. TNC will help network administrators solve the difficult task of implementing and enforcing in-house security policies for network access over increasingly complex network environments using the enormous range of available devices and software.

“The end result” according to Mike McCauley, “is more secure networks without compromising functional integrity, privacy or individual rights”. More information on TNC specifications is available at the Trusted Computing Group’s website,

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About Radiator RADIUS server – Radiator is a highly configurable and flexible RADIUS server running on most server hardware and operating systems such as Unix, Linux, Windows, Solaris, Mac OS and VMS. It supports authentication by over 60 different types of authentication methods and inter-operates with a wide range of user databases and ISP billing packages. Radiator is a mission critical component of the wired and wireless networks of thousands of corporations, telecommunications carriers, governments, commercial and academic institutions. For more information about Radiator, go to

Getting Radiator – A free evaluation of Radiator RADIUS server is available at

About Xsupplicant – Xsupplicant is an open source implementation of IEEE 802.1X for Linux and Unix by the Open1x Project. For more information about Xsupplicant, go to: