Open System Consultants (OSC) has developed LIBTNC, an open source implementation of Trusted Network Connect (TNC) open standards for trusted network access control and endpoint integrity. LIBTNC is an open source library that integrates with the TNC server and client software.

TNC is an open, non-proprietary architecture that enables the application and enforcement of security requirements for endpoints connecting to a network. The specifications are being developed by Trusted Computing Group (TCG) an industry group formed to develop, define and promote open standards for hardware-enabled trusted computing and security technologies.

OSC’s Chief Technologist Mike McCauley demonstrated LIBTNC during Interop at Las Vegas in May, 2006 using OSC’s Radiator RADIUS server and Xsupplicant, an open source 802.1X client from the Open1x project. The LIBTNC project site is at More