Meet Radiator team at IETF 119

Radiator team continues the active engagement with RADIUS working groups at IETF and will be attending IETF 119 meeting in person at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Center 16 – 22 March 2024.

Staying at the forefront of industry developments is a top priority for Radiator development. As always, we are looking forward to working on RADIUS drafts and standards and implementing them in Radiator.

IETF RADIUS working groups

You can find the Radiator team at these sessions – click the links for the respective meeting materials and agendas.

Radext working group will be discussing reverse CoA and deprecating insecure practices in RADIUS. EMU group has Forward Secrecy for EAP-AKA on the agenda, and madinas group is addressing the current status of MAC randomisation. We also welcome Wireless Broadband Alliance presenting a document describing OpenRoaming protocols – for Radiator, we have released the Radiator OpenRoaming configuration guide on Github.

For other IETF sessions, please see full meeting agenda here:

Meet the team

The point of contact is Radiator developer Heikki Vatiainen, whom you can find at the RADIUS working group sessions and around the venue. If you’re in Brisbane, come find us and say hi! Everyone else interested in Radiator development, please drop us an email!