Radiator Software follows European Union regulations on data protection. Use of cookies in our website is compliant with GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive.


Contact list

Security contacts can be found in our security contacts page.



We use Cookiebot to automate GDPR compliance for our website, in regards to tracking and consent requirements. complies with privacy legislations by relying on consent from users visiting the website.

Our cookie policy is available in the following page:


Mailing lists

Radiator Software provides two mailing lists available to customers and evaluators. The radiator mailing list is meant for users and licensees of Radiator products to post product related questions and technical discussions. The radiator-announce list is a low volume list, used only for important announcements such as new software releases.Mailing lists provide the option to unsubscribe, get password reminders, or changing subscription options. Subscriber lists are only available to Radiator Software’s list administrators. Public mailing lists can be found in the following page:

Use of these mailing lists is subject to Radiator Software’s Mailing List Policy:


Order forms

We use WPForms to manage order processing for products and services. WPForms provides the option to disable storage of user details such as IP addresses. has disabled storage of user details through WPForms and cookies for WPForms are managed with Cookiebot. Order forms which require user information require explicit consent before being submitted and processed.


Privacy Policies


List of subcontractors

Below is a list of our subcontractors and their policies regarding GDPR.