Recent additions to the Radiator Radius Server from Australian company Open System Consultants provide greater flexibility and interoperation with more systems, making it the premier Radius server on any platform. Radiator now works with the RAdmin Radius User Management system from Open System Consultants, allowing easy web-based administration of authorised users on any platform.

Optional Port limits and port occupancy allows port resellers to limit how many ports a customer can use, with possibly different limits at each POP. Support for a number of new ISP billing packages, including Rodopi.

Optional SNMP support means that you can monitor and control Radiator using standard SNMP tools and packages. New configurable and subclassable logging modules mean that you can now log to files, SQL and/or SYSLOG at the same time, plus easily add your own logging modules.

Radiator licenses include free upgrades forever, so existing Radiator licensees can make use of these new features right now.

Open System Consultants is a private software company based in Australia, founded in 1992. It provides world class products for ISPs, ASPs and Corporate networks. Product details are available at Further details by email from