Radiator VNF Flex

Radiator VNF Flex is a flexible and reliable Radiator approach to AAA VNF

Radiator VNF Flex

The standards, specifications and various implementations creates NFV hard to follow as a technology for a carrier, ISP or other potential user of VNF technology in AAA.

Radiator VNF Flex is our new approach to NFV solutions. It focuses in managing and scaling Radiator.  Built for flexibility, Radiator VNF Flex is designed to work on top of various virtualisation environments.

Radiator VNF Flex includes its own independent VNF Manager — Radiator VNF Manager. Radiator VNF Manager makes it possible to deploy and manage multiple Radiator VNFs with different configurations within one virtualisation infrastructure (VI). The architecture of the Radiator VNF Manager is designed so that multiple virtualisation infrastructures can be utilised with VI specific Radiator VNF Manager images. As all Radiator VNFs are deployed and managed by independent Radiator VNF Manager, Radiator VNF Flex is better equipped to survive Virtualisation Infrastructure or Management and Orchestration (MANO) upgrades with less additional migration, upgrade and testing work.

The transition process to Radiator VNF Flex is made easy. Radiator VNF Manager makes it easy to quickly deploy Radiator into production without time-consuming integration with general or third-party VNF managers.

Key technical features for Radiator VNF Flex:

  • New Ansible-based AAA solution from Radiator
  • Easier deployment to production than with traditional VNF products
  • All Radiator AAA configurations and functionalities can be implemented
  • First available on OpenStack, other support based on customer needs
  • Supports Linux distributions based on customer needs 
  • Radiator VNF Manager is provided as a separate virtual image


See here for technical presentation and details for Radiator VNF Flex.

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