Software Developer / Software Engineer / L16 Passionate Solution Wizard Trainee…

Are you an experienced professional looking for a change, a developer willing to learn more, or an engineer somewhere in between? Would you rather work instead of wasting your time and experience in taking close to 2 hour commutes, sitting in endless meetings, discussing whole days about company values? Would you like to work to develop actual products instead of customer specific projects? Are you interested in understanding how Internet, network security, and software really work together? Would you like to make products for and together with global enterprise and operator customers, but with all the flexibility and benefits of a smaller company?

We are looking for a person who answers yes to most of these questions. We could make a strict specification of the person we are looking for, but we are more interested in finding suitable people to enhance our developer team. We are flexible in defining together your job description, title, working times, working location, travelling, choice of tools and vacation times, among other things. We do not have bean bag chairs in multiple colours, a lot of buzz, pinball machines or play consoles at our offices, as we keep the office mostly for working and like to go outside the office to enjoy good food, drinks, and occasional activities together.

If you are interested, let’s talk and see if we are a good fit for each other. Please send your application, questions, and comments to and let’s continue from there onward.

We do not have a deadline for applications, but please apply immediately if you are interested. We will hire a suitable person as soon as one is found.

TL;DR: What technologies are you using?

ansible atlassian tools aws azure bamboo bitbucket certbot chef consul containers debian diameter docker eap-tls eap-ttls eduroam elastic stack git github go google cloud govroam gpg/pgp hashicorp tools jira kali linux ldap letsencrypt linux macos net::ssleay nfv open source openstack opensuse packer peap perl python radius radsec red hat redis rest ruby salesforce script languages security suse tacacs+ telco cloud tls ubuntu unix vagrant virtualbox vmware vnf wi-fi windows wpa2 enterprise …