We at Radiator Software are looking to expand our technical team with a new member. We can customise the actual position and responsibilities based on the applicant’s experience, interests, and how the applicant complements our team. That’s why we are looking for a person who is interested in the kind of work and products we are doing as well as willing to learn more.

The Swiss Army Knife of AAA software 

Our main product is Radiator AAA server software. Radiator is an Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting software implementing security protocols such as RADIUS, RadSec, Diameter and TACACS+. Radiator is used globally to deploy wired and wireless network security, authentication and accounting solutions by companies ranging from universities and enterprises to service providers and to multi-national operators. It is part of the organisations’ cybersecurity used as a part of both commercial and government infrastructure. 

We develop products and productised services, and support them with our expert services instead of only doing generic software development or consultation. We utilise any  technologies, programming languages (Perl, Rust, Python, shell scripts …) and solutions, which we see fit for the purpose or the objective. The products and services are designed, developed and productised in close cooperation between sales and technical teams to ensure the whole company is working together as a whole.

We grow our company based on our revenues and profits, which means that the funding of the company’s future is based on the actual sales and work. Radiator has an established, global customer base generating steady revenue. Because of that we can focus on the development of our products and services instead of worrying about the next round of funding or short-term financial gains. Company financials are solid and we present them transparently to all employees. 

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