Linux software specialist/developer

We (Radiator Software) are looking for a Linux software specialist or developer to join our technical team. Depending on your interests and experience, we will customise together your job description to include development, integration, consultation, support or training work around our Radiator AAA server software.

Radiator AAA server software is used around the world in over 179 countries by organisations ranging from hotel Wi-Fi to top-level universities and multi-national operators and enterprises. Radiator is used as a key component to build solutions such as:

  • eduroam, govroam, roaming federations
  • commercial Wi-Fi roaming and offloading
  • authenticating, authorising and accounting (AAA) people access to networks and services with username-password, certificate and multi-factor AAA solutions
  • provisioning both fixed and mobile Internet subscription parameters to network devices
  • etc

We work together with international customers to help them design, integrate, and deploy Radiator based AAA solutions from single server deployments to virtual server/container and cloud deployments of more than 60 servers. We develop and use our own, open source and commercial solutions to fulfill our customers and our own development needs and requirements.

We are looking for a person interested in working in this area, who wants to combine one’s skills and experience with the ability and interest in learning those areas and things one does not yet know. If you are such a person please apply immediately if you are interested. We do not have a deadline for applications, but we will hire a suitable person as soon as one is found.

Please send your application, questions and comments to and let’s continue from there onward. We are looking for a person to be part of our team so please do not offer outsourcing, personnel, or headhunting services instead.

TL;DR: What technologies are you using?

ansible atlassian tools aws azure bamboo bitbucket certbot chef consul containers debian diameter docker eap-tls eap-ttls eduroam elastic stack git github go google cloud govroam gpg/pgp hashicorp tools jira kali linux ldap letsencrypt linux macos net::ssleay nfv open source openstack opensuse packer peap perl python radius radsec red hat redis rest ruby salesforce script languages security suse tacacs+ telco cloud tls ubuntu unix vagrant virtualbox vmware vnf wi-fi windows wpa2 enterprise …